If your company has account receivables that are falling into the past due category you have probably tried to reach out to those individuals or businesses that owe you debts and attempted to get them to pay. More than likely, you have not been that successful in your collection efforts.

As a business owner, debt collection is not your top priority. You are skilled and experienced in many other areas besides negotiating debt settlements and chances are you are simply not comfortable speaking with your customers concerning their outstanding balances. Because of these factors it is generally a great idea to turn your past due account receivables over to a collection company who will help collect these debts on your behalf.

Turning your past due debts over to AZCS is a great idea for a number of reasons. First, we are professional debt collectors. This means that we will collect debts on a daily basis and are familiar with the laws regarding debt collection, the advanced techniques of debt collection, and the negotiation tactics involved in debt collection. As professionals we can quickly assess your debt situation and recommend a decisive plan of action.

AZCS has the adequate resources to collect your debt. We have a solid infrastructure in place and the employees dedicated to collecting debt. We also have spent the resources to train our employees on how to negotiate with customers and how to convince a customer that they need to start paying on past due balances. AZCS simply allows you to forget about the debt problem and focus on your business and enhancing your business without worrying about your past due debts.
A-Z Collection Services, Inc began with the purpose of assisting local businesses in recovering and managing their outstanding accounts receivable. AZCS realized an increased demand from our clients for more comprehensive services designed to (a) reduce costs, (b) increase operational efficiency and cash flow, and (c) reduce bad debt write-off and days outstanding. Through investments in technology, staff education, and highly selective recruiting, AZCS has been able to offer an improved level of services that our clients demand.
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